Cyberhill News Digest #1


Log4j Java-based logging vulnerability.

Date: Dec 13, 2021


Summary: A serious vulnerability in the Log4j Java-based logging library is affecting many enterprise applications and cloud services.

Cyberhill Statement: Log4j is the most common Java library for logging. But it’s only used in native Java applications. Cyberhill performs custom scripting work primarily in Microsoft PowerShell and has no published Java applications. Customers working with Cyberhill do not need to worry about the vulnerabilities, however if they are using Third Party applications running in Java they should contact their Third Party provider.

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AWS Outages happening again

Date: Dec 15, 2021


Summary: AWS was having outages and the issue was caused by network congestion between parts of the AWS Backbone and a subset of Internet Service Providers, which was triggered by AWS traffic engineering, executed in response to congestion outside of our network.

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