Secret Server

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Cyberhill completes 400th Thycotic Secret Server Integration

Cyberhill achieves top numbers and premier status as longest standing Thycotic Secret Server Partner

Folder Information

When creating a folder, it is just as important to know what the API is looking for as it is to be able to make the API call to create…

Pulling a User Account

When working with Secret Server it is important to know what groups and roles a user is part of.

Getting a Token for Use With the API

To start using the API you need to get a token. There are a few ways to do this.

Creating Folders

Watch a short how-to video on creating folders in Secret Server.

User Preferences

This Secret Server training video takes a deeper dive into User Preferences.

User Audit Report

Watch a short training video that details how to access User Audit Reports in Secret Server.

Session Recording Monitoring & Playback

Training video that details Session Recordings and how to play them back within Secret Server.

Session Recording Admin Setup

Explore the Session Recording feature in Secret Server.


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