Are you vulnerable to a Cyberattack


According to the digital guardian in the U.S. a data breach costs a company on average $8.19 million. Data is very important, and many companies rely on data to handle daily tasks. Data breaches can cripple companies severely and in some cases shut them down entirely. In this blog we will go over some tips on how to protect your data

Software patches: If you have an application or service, you should always try to keep the software up to date. These updates are called patches and patches are used to update the software you are using to solve for vulnerabilities or bugs within the software. Having outdated software will leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks so be sure to update when you can. Many software providers should keep you notified when an update is available so be aware when these updates hit.

MFA and 2FA: Multifactor and two factor authetification are also great ways to protect your data. Leaving important data protected by a single password is asking for trouble. Imagine having a single digit on a lock if the hacker can guess the right digit they would be able to access your data. Now imagine the same lock with multiply digits. This makes access much more difficult as there are more combinations that a hacker would need to work on to access your data.

Utlize Security Services: Not everything needs to be handle by your team. If your team is not sure how to protect data correctly, then handing this off to experts in the data security field is always an option. However, you need to be sure that you can trust the third party provider. Make sure to research and look for reputations when dealing with third party sources.

Implementing these tips in not the only thing you need to do to prevent data breaches. Make sure to educate employees of common or new threats is also very important. Another thing to keep in mind is that technology is always changing and companies sure never be stagnant or satisfied with their current security set up. Be on the look out to update or upgrade applications and continually check for vulnerabilities in the strategies that you are employing.

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