Case Studies

Case Studies
Cybersecurity for Classified Mission

Secured a mission critical system for a Department of Defense initiative

Data Analytics for Homeland

Built various data analytic solutions for Homeland Security on a massive data platform

Created JIT Virtual Dev Environment

Deployed a Just-in-Time Development Environment for a Top 100 US Firm’s Software Development Team that dynamically provisions, dynamically accesses credentials, rotates passwords and deletes the environment upon completion.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Execution

Led the strategy and execution for the migration of a top US Office Supply firm to the Cloud from On-prem.

Built a GUI for HashiCorp Terraform

Created easy to use front-end for a traditionally Linux command line software application for dynamically provisioning compute resources.

Data Solution within the IC

Created a data solution from the leading foundational data software for three missions, with reports briefed at the highest level of national security.

Diversity Reporting

Created a Diversity data ocean and analytic solution with Executive/Board-level visibility into diversity adoption at every level of the organization.

Continuous Deployment Critical Data Analytic Solution

For US Entity, continuously deploying, customizing and creating unique dynamic, real-time reporting on highly critical business data.

Created On-prem to Cloud and Cloud to On-prem PAM Backup

For Leading PAM software firm globally, built a seamless backup of either Cloud or On-prem to paired software in a DR site.


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