Mission-Focused Data Reporting



Intelligence Community ​


Many missions within the Intelligence Community require the discovery and understanding of links across global threat data to determine how those threats impact the US interests and personnel safety. Although a data platform exists, custom, tailored solutions are required to be implemented on top of this platform to allow each mission customer to understand how they are affected by these global threats.


Cyberhill engineers deployed on-site to the customer and worked with mission leaders to understand and illicit critical requirements. Leveraging the powerful data platform, Cyberhill integrated and normalized the data to create multiple mission-focused applications that enabled Mission Leaders to expose threats. This process has now been repeated several times across several other mission areas, all led by the Cyberhill team.


The Customer relies heavily on these solutions to make mission-critical decisions on a daily-basis and is actively looking for other mission areas to deploy the Cyberhill team to develop additional solutions.